Visiting Granada: A Tapas Heaven

Granada Tapas

I didn’t really know what to expect from Granada, Spain. To be honest it was more somewhere Callum really wanted to visit. I hadn’t looked into it too much myself but I was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t plan on our trip to Spain having such a focus on food but by this stage, I was in LOVE with tapas and as you may know, Granada is the Queen of tapas.

When in Granada there is no need to order dinner or lunch! Often drinks will come with FREE tapas between 1-4pm and 8-11pm. The best way to enjoy this is to bar hop, buying 1 or 2 drinks at each place and getting a different tapa each time. I would say that 3-4 tapa is generally enough for lunch or dinner.

Here were some of my favourite places to enjoy wine and tapas:

  • Chantarela – this place gives you pretty big portions of yummy tapas
  • Entre Brasas – Delicious meat tapas at this place, a great way to start the night
  • Oum Kalsum – Moroccan Tapas. This place also has a combo for two, I think it was 15 Euro for a bottle of wine and 8 tapas
  • Bohemia Jazz bar – This was a pretty funky bar! Come here after your bar/tapas crawl. They have the best cocktail milkshakes, try the one called Teddy

Granada TapasOk, the tapas in Granada are amazing but there is more to this city than food. Visit the white cave houses of Sacromonte. This unique village is fun to explore (although it is on a hill, so bring plenty of water on a hot day) and if you have a chance to take a look inside one of the homes, take the opportunity. As soon as you set foot inside one of these caves we instantly felt the cool air and realised why they built these homes the way they did. Such a nice refuge from the June heat.

Granada is, of course, famous for The Alhambra. If you didn’t book ticket online weeks in advance or didn’t realise you could get up early and try your luck at a daily ticket, like us, then at least take in the view of The Alhambra from Mirador de San Nicolas. This is said to be the best viewpoint in the city with a view of The Alhambra palace, the city of Granada and the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Granada TapasEl Bañuelo, the old Arab baths, are also worth a visit (free entry on Sundays). They are quite small but they are pretty impressive to walk around. I loved the glow from the natural light shining through. This bath house is unique because it is still completely intact, and it is one of the most ancient baths still standing in Spain. A nice added feature is the tablet screens in a few of the rooms which give you an idea of what the room looked like in its prime.

Unfortunately, this was all we had time to see during our short visit to Granada. I already plan on returning to this stunning city next year to explore it further. Have you been to Granada? I would love to hear your suggestions, use the comments below!


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