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cheap flights
It always feels great when you find plane tickets to your next destination for a bargain! There are plenty of cheap flights out there, especially when you are happy to fly with budget airlines such as Air Asia, Ryan Air or Jetstar. Here are a few pieces of advice to ensure that next time you are booking flights, you get the best deal out there.

cheap flights1. Before you start, ensure that your browser is in incognito mode. This will wipe any cookies or web browser history that may cause sites to show more expensive prices.

2. Don’t just check for flights on one website. Check out a few to make sure you find the best deal. I often use Skyscanner, Expedia and Kayak. Although some budget carriers don’t always show up on these search engines so it can also be a good idea to check their websites directly.cheap flights

Budget Airlines I have used:
Australia, New Zealand & Asia = Jetstar, Air Asia & Tiger Air
Europe = Easy Jet, Ryan Air, Transavia
America = United, JetBlue

3. Be flexible with your flight dates. Tuesdays & Wednesdays are usually the cheapest days to fly, it is also generally cheaper to book your flight earlier in the week (try to avoid weekends). Skyscanner also has a feature which shows you the cheapest days to fly.

4. Don’t be afraid to use budget carries like Air Asia or Jetstar. I have used them MANY times and generally have no issues.They are great for flights under 8 hours, however for long haul flights like Sydney > Amsterdam I’d recommend paying a bit more for flights that include meals and inflight entertainment.

5. Join airline mailing lists, so that you’re one of the first to know when cheap flights come up. I am signed up to AirAsia, Jet Blue and Air New Zealand.

6. If you are flexible with your flight location, you can use Sky Scanner to check the cheapest flights from your current destination.

7. On sky scanner you can also set up a price alert so that they will tell you when a particular flight price goes up or down. This is perfect if you have to fly to a particular destination on a set day.

I hope these tips help you unlock the cheapest flights for your next adventure! Enjoy xx


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