Cruising the Bahamas in your 20s

Cruise the Bahamas
Cruises are for old people, I’m sure you have thought it before… Am I right? Don’t worry, I’ve had this opinion in the past too. I also thought a cruise would be crazy expensive, but I was wrong on both counts and here is why:

  1. Yes, I think back in the day cruises probably were something only older people did but this has changed in recent years. Especially with some cruises specifically aimed at a younger crowd. I have even heard of a beer themed cruise in Europe.
  2. If you go in the off season (Northern Hemispheres summer for the Bahamas) you can be sure to pay lower prices
  3. Look on sites such as to find the cheapest deals
  4. If you’re happy to have an interior room with no windows, these are always the cheaper option. The rooms are basic but they are fine and have everything you need.

I personally didn’t like the idea of going on a cruise for more than a week, so we choose a 4 day cruise around the Bahamas. We also choose a freestyle cruise and a beverage package. This meant we could eat and drink whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted.

The ship was pretty impressive! It had two fancy dinning rooms, as well as a cafe and a few bars. The swimming pool was perfect (as long as you didn’t open your eyes underwater, that chlorine was blinding!) and the hot tubs were definitely an evening highlight. There were a couple of comedy shows, game shows and themed parties on in the evenings to keep us entertained.

The mornings always started with a buffet breakfast on board the ship before heading out to explore the island. Being on a budget meant that we would skip lunch and either have a snack when we came back on board the ship or an early dinner.

I fell in love with Paradise Island on Nassau with its pastel-colored British colonial buildings, which were adorable and the the beach was stunning! We went banana boating to a good snorkel spot, which also meant we were able to relax on a quiet part of the beach with hardly any other people. Another favourite would be Great Stirrup Cay Island which was owned by our cruise line. This meant that we had the island to ourselves, just the people on our boat. It also meant that all food and drink on the island was included, we didn’t have to hold out till 4 or 5pm when we went back on board!

A great aspect of our cruise (and a big reason as to why we choose this particular cruise) was that we were able to spend each full day at a new island and the boat would cruise to its destination overnight. This meant we were really able to take full advantage of our 4 night cruise with 3 full days on 3 different islands.

I definitely look at cruising differently now, maybe you will too? I think I’d consider doing it again, maybe the Mediterranean next time.


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