The best jobs to explore the world with

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Are you trying to find a way to afford more travel? Aren’t we all! The best way to achieve this is to find a job that allows plenty of time to explore new parts of the world. There are a number of jobs out there that can enable you to do this, its just a matter of finding something that suits you! Here are some of my favourite jobs for people who love to travel:

English Teacher

best travel jobsThis is a pretty popular option and a great way to travel! Teaching contracts can be anything from 3 months to 2 years and you often get a number of school holidays which can be spent travelling. South East Asia is probably the easiest place to land a teaching job but it is also possible in South America and even Europe. Another option to consider is online teaching, which can be done from anywhere with good internet!

Tour Guide

If you are outgoing and have plenty of energy then perhaps tour guiding is for you. Work for tour companies like Contiki or Topdeck and you could be leading tours around large parts of Europe or Asia. It sounds like the best job in the world right? Literally being paid to travel! Don’t be fooled though, it can be exhausting work.

Diving Instructor

Do you crave, living somewhere with an endless summer? If you love the ocean, becoming a diving instructor might just be the perfect job for you. Spend your days in the ocean and your nights enjoying beachside sunsets, sounds pretty enticing right?

Flight Attendant

Why not work in an industry that pays you to fly around the world? It can be pretty tough in the beginning as newbies don’t often get to choose their routes but it gets better with more experience. European airlines are a great option if you want to work on international flights all over Europe.

Cruise Ship

There are many cruise ship jobs out there but they are also incredibly popular. If you manage to land role, travel in style and work seasonally. While your working on board the ship, you will be spending very little money (you’ll generally get free food and accommodation), so once the season is over you’ll have a nice sum saved up for travel.

Fruit Picking

There are countries all around the world with various fruit picking seasons. You could work a season picking grapes in France, travel for a few months and then move on to the next fruit picking opportunity.

Au Pair

If you love children, why not become an Au Pair? The pay may not be great (unless you move somewhere like Switzerland) but you get the opportunity to live in a new country and enjoy a different culture. If you know another language it is a bonus, otherwise its also a great opportunity to learn a new language. You’ll often live with the host family while looking after their children, so food and accommodation is covered.

Travel Nurse

Best travel jobsThere is a high demand for nurses worldwide. Why not pick a career that allows you to help people and travel the world? There are many paid and voluntary positions to apply for in interesting locations all over the world.

Ski Instructor

If you love to ski, you could spend a season teaching others your skills! But even if you aren’t an amazing skier you can also take an instructors course or work in a different role on the ski field. There are many popular destinations for ski instructors to get seasonal work including Canada, France and New Zealand.

Travel Agent

If you love planning your travels you could make a career out of planning others travels too. As a travel agent it is often encouraged that you take time off to travel the world and broaden your travel knowledge. Another bonus? Discounted holidays!

Do you have more job ideas that you can travel with? Please share them with us in the comments below!


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5 thoughts on “The best jobs to explore the world with

  1. Great suggestions! I opted to teach English while living abroad in Germany. It was the easiest way for me to find a job there and stay legally. I’ve always been curious what it must be like to work on a cruise ship. I imagine it would get old after awhile, but still, it sounds really interesting to me.

  2. to be a travel agent attracts me the most. I love to do the planning not only for myself but also for others. I should consider starting my business in this field.

  3. Great list for those looking for a way to work and travel! As a flight attendant, I’m glad you’ve included this career because there are so many great benefits in addition to traveling the world.

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