8 Essential Travel Apps for your next Travelling Adventure

Travel Apps
I know it sounds a bit ridiculous but I would find it pretty difficult to travel long term, like I currently am, without my smart phone! That thing comes in handy so often and these are probably the apps I use most:

1. Google Maps – It chews through your battery like there is no tomorrow, but boy is it helpful! Its great for saving locations you want to visit and using the offline map is perfect when you don’t have WiFi access.

2. Booking.com – Yup this is one of my favorites. So easy to use, you can narrow down your search to find the cheapest and the best accommodation. I have used it so much that I now have “Genius” status, I don’t understand why they give it this name but it means that I get discounts and benefits like late check out, so I’m not complaining. You often don’t have to pay upfront when booking and a lot of places on here offer free cancellation. Although I have to say, many of the places on Booking.com are only a good deal if you are traveling with others.. there are some dorms on here but the selection is not always great.

3. Hostel World – This would be my second favourite app for booking accommodation. Its probably best for dorms (when you’re with two you can often find a private room on booking.com for similar price as two dorm beds). Although you do have to always pay a deposit when booking accommodation on Hostel World.

4. Xcurrency – Always handy when you are travelling multiple countries and have to switch currencies. They allow you to have 10 different currencies compared at any one time.

5. Around Me – I’ve actually started using this one more often lately. Its great if you are in a new place, don’t know your way around and want to find something close by. It includes a range of useful categories including banks/ATM, pharmacies, supermarkets and restaurants to name a few. Although it works much better in bigger cities, so when you’re off the beaten path it may not be much help.

6. Skyscanner – This app is great for finding the cheapest flights. I love the feature where you can put in a location and date and it will find the cheapest outbound flights available. However when booking a flight it goes to a partner website which isn’t always mobile friendly, so I prefer using the Skyscanner website on a laptop instead when it comes to actually booking the flights.

7.Itranslate – This app is great for learning useful phrases in the local language! You can type in what you want translated, pick the language you want it translated into and it gives you the translated phrase. You can even listen to the voice translation to get the pronunciation correct, however this isn’t available in all languages.

8. Fancy Tips – Being from New Zealand, tipping is a pretty foreign concept to me. So this app has been pretty helpful, especially in America, where I really didn’t want to offend anyone by not tipping enough!

I hope these apps help you on your travels as much as they do for me. Good luck on your next adventure!


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