5 items to add to your packing list immediately

packing for travel
After 10 months of travel I have definitely started to realise what was worth packing and what wasn’t. I have got rid of A LOT of things along the way, mainly clothes. By the time I got to Thailand I was getting rid of a handful of stuff in each city. I wasn’t happy until I was back down to 14kg (plus hand luggage).

So out of my 14kgs of personal belongings these are just 5 things I am grateful to have while travelling:

1. Microfiber towel – I know many people hate these and I definitely prefer a proper towel. However, if you get a good quality microfiber towel it will surely come in handy. I often use mine when I am at a Workaway or volunteer project as they usually don’t provide towels. There are also a number of budget hostels out there which won’t provide you with a towel.

2. Kindle – Travelling is a great time to relax and read all those books you have been meaning to read for years. Yes, of course I prefer reading an actual book, but it is pretty hard to carry them around while travelling! A kindle is a lot easier and the books are much cheaper.

3. Travel scales – When you are travelling long term your luggage weight can often change, so it can be a good idea to check that your luggage is under weight before you arrive at the airport.

4. USB Power Bank – While travelling you can go long periods of time without being able to charge your phone, kindle, laptop etc. You will be thankful for your power bank when such an occasion arises.

5. Plug convertor – When travelling between different continents like we have been, plug convertors are an important item to add to your packing list. Getting on with multiple USB ports is great for charging several items at once.

Good luck with packing. My top packing tip would have to be to pack as little as you can! You’ll regret taking all those extra clothes with you when you are carrying your bag up all those staircases to your dorm room.

Art of Long Term Travel

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