5 Island destinations for the budget traveller

budget islands
If you haven’t already noticed, I love islands. There aren’t many islands I go to and don’t fall in love with. Here are some of my favourites and you know what’s even more awesome? These are great destinations for those on a tight budget. Thinking less than $50 a day? It’s possible!

1. Gili Air, Indonesia

budget islands
This island is so great that I have already been there twice within a year! Dirt roads and no cars, really give you the island feel when you walk or cycle around Gili Air. Plenty of beach bars, amazing snorkelling (TURTLES!!) and the sunsets are stunning.

2. Koh Tao, Thailand

budget islands
I fell in love with this island within, I’d say… 10 minutes! It’s a beautiful island with great snorkelling and diving options. The main town has some cute shops and plenty of food options. I had the best Pad Thai of my life on this island! Find out more about why I love Koh Tao here.

3. Koh Ta Kiev, Cambodia

budget islands
One word, AMAZING! Stay in tree houses overlooking a pretty much private beach, relax in hammocks and swim in the ocean (with phosphorescent at night!). This is a very quiet island, only a few accommodation options around the island and little to no power aside from some solar power to light up the bar at night. A great place to get away from it all and just relax.

4. Squijor Island, Philippines

budget islands
There are some legends about mythical Siquijor that result in many Philippinos not recommending this island to travellers. They are missing out! This island has beautiful waterfalls and quiet, untouched beaches. Hiring a scooter is a great way to explore the island. Find out more about what to do on Squijor here.

5. Paros, Greece

budget islands
Finally, a destination that isn’t in Asia. Paros was my favourite Greek island. The beaches were beautiful and so were the cute towns with their white and blue buildings. I probably ate more gyros than recommend but they were so cheap and delicious!

I hope this has inspired you for your next island adventure. I realise that most of these islands are in Asia but this is where most of my island exploring has taken place so far. I will be exploring more of Europe and South America in the (hopefully) near future. When this happens, I will add to the list!


5 thoughts on “5 Island destinations for the budget traveller

  1. I am so impressed (an envious) of the islands you have visited. The pictures are beautiful and your blog is very clean and easy to read. Thanks for the information and the dreams!

  2. I guess Philippines have some amazing Island.I wasn’t knowing about Paros, Greece since visiting Santorini and Mykonos is always on everyone’s list, but having said it is budget friendly will surely have to checkout Paros when I plan trip to Greece 🙂

  3. That is certainly a great compilation.. love it !!! The pictures are gorgeous and we have added these places in our travel list for Philippines, Combodia and Greece.

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